panto producers and directors needing costumes

Molly Limpet's designs, manufactures and supplies costumes to professional pantomime productions across the UK and Ireland.

We can supply all the major pantomimes from our extensive hire collection, housed in our Sheffield-based Studio. We design and manufacture costumes on-site, as well as having access to a network of outworkers, so that we can produce new garments both for our own collection and to sell as bespoke items all year round.

Clients tend to contact us in February / March prior to their production in the subsequent November / December, with all publicity bookings being confirmed in the early stages so that we can meet your requirements for casting announcements, light switch-ons etc. However, we can take bookings for hire at any notice.

Producing new panto garments is a constant evolutionary process, as we strive to give returning clients new ideas and to constantly outdo ourselves. For instance, 2018 saw us produce some fantastic LED showgirls, complete with flashing boobs (in a family-friendly way, of course).

Molly Limpet's is proud to be a main sponsor of the Great British Panto Awards, with our name on the Best Ugly Sisters Award in both 2018 and 2019, and our costumes being used for the opening of the show.

Please watch the two videos below showing some of our stunning costumes in action (the Dame's wardrobe in the Aladdin video are Dame's own; Molly Limpet's designed and produced all other costumes).

CONTACT US HERE if you would like more information on pricing, or to book an exclusive appointment to visit to discuss your pantomime production/s in more detail.

All costumes and designs shown here are the intellectual property of Molly Limpet's.