georgian shoes for fancy dress hire

Molly Limpet's has one of the largest collections of custom-made speciality costume footwear in the UK.

With 200+ pairs of ladies and gents custom-made 1970s platform boots, shoes and sandals, 60s Chelsea boots, ladies Victorian heeled can-can boots, pirate boots, Regency riding boots; gents 1950s crepe-soled shoes (in sizes 7 to 11), speciality superhero boots and both ladies and gents Georgian court shoes, we always have a pair to perfectly finish any outfit.

Footwear ranges between £20 to £25 per pair in addition to your costume hire (due to the rarity of our quality boots and shoes we can only hire them with a costume). As with costumes, footwear can be tried on. Some footwear ranges will fit up to a ladies size 9, and gents size 12.

The glitter in our platform boots and shoes (see some great examples below) will outshine anyone on the dance floor. The Georgian court shoes that we stock have been worn at Masquerade balls across the land, including Venice Carnivale!

If you're wanting us to provide you with a full costume package including footwear then contact us here.