Molly Limpet's carries a wardrobe for the classic production My Fair Lady. We have other options for the Ascot scene in addition to the popular black and white: a purple/lilac and our Bloomsbury, the latter of which is shown below. New additions in 2018 to the Embassy Ball and Ascot scenes are now complete and hiring well into 2020.

As an iconic film of the 1960s, clients and audiences have certain expectations of the 'look' when they go to see My Fair Lady in performance. We pay very close attention to detail to ensure our costumes hold their own, and we strongly recommend any company that has booked with us to bring thier Eliza for a fitting; it's vital she looks flawless in her costumes.

CONTACT US HERE if you would like to book an appointment to visit to discuss costumes for your forthcoming production of My Fair Lady.