One of the favourite shows of many of our Molly Limpet's Team members, we can dress Into The Woods any number of ways, depending on the brief of your Director. The show details the exploits of many familiar fairytale characters (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Jack, and many more) in their happy-ever-after (Act 1) and beyond, in their after-happy-ever-after (Act 2) when the dream starts to fall apart.

Due to the fluidity of the stories we have been asked to dress this popular Stephen Sondheim musical in many different ways over the years, though our own personal recommendation is to keep it traditional (though, due to our vast stock, we may be able to incorporate colour themes if required).

We invite you to come and see our collection at our Sheffield Studio so we can go through ideas of what would work for your company.

CONTACT US HERE if you would like to book an appointment to visit to discuss costumes for your forthcoming production of Into the Woods.