Molly Limpet's is thrilled to offer costumne hire quotes for the popular Christmas show, Elf, the Musical. The show tells the story of a young, orphan child who is accidentally transported to the North Pole after crawling into Santa's sack of Christmas gifts. Forced to acknowledge both his difference in size and lack of toy-making skills, he embarks on an adventure to New York City to uncover his true identity...

This show has previously only been on a very limited release, and MTI UK have now announced release for 2020 and beyond. We are now taking enquiries on this long-awaited release with availability scheduled for autumn 2021 at the earliest. As costumes have not yet been produced, no images can be released until after the first performance.

If you would like to receive a quote for this production please contact us now, with details of your confirmed performance dates from MTI.

Click here to visit MTI's website to find more information about this show, and to request a licence. If you need a scenery quote, please visit the website of Scenic Projects Ltd who are able to supply a set for this production.

CONTACT US HERE if you would like to enquire about theatrical costume hire for Molly Limpet's new Elf, the Musical wardrobe.