Molly Limpet's carries a side range of Structured Pantomime Dame costumes. We refer to these as prop-costumes, as they're as much a prop piece, as they are a costume. They are typically made in a strong, but lightweight, foam, that can be worn by an actor for short gag scenes, but do have limited mobility. However, for the impact they make for a quick entrance/exit, they are well-worth considering incorporating into your panto scripts.

As shown here, we have ones that cover such a wide variety of themes: we have more in our Studio than are shown here, so please enquire if you have something particular in mind.

Due to the cost to produce these, they are mainly hired only as part of a full wardrobe hire (i.e. we are dressing the full company), and can be shipped only via same-day courier.

Some costumes shown here have been acquired from other repertory theatres, but the majority are designed and produced in-house by Scott McKenzie, and our onsite manufacturing Team.