We have many great costumes for a 1920s theme, including flappers and Charleston girls, all adorned with gloves and feathers in a rainbow of colours. We have sets of tailored suits for men in all sizes: most are double-breasted in either black or white with a reverse pinstripe, or we have some great new burgundy/navy zoot suits. All come with stage-quality Fedora hats, shirts and ties. All tailoring is designed and produced by Molly Limpet's to give you the best quality.

Fancy a bit of British....? Lots of the 20s looks are more American in style, but we also do a range of very British blazer and bags - striped, coloured blazers with white Oxford bags and straw boaters. We've also tailored some gorgeous tweed double breasted and Norfolk suits to give gents more choice.

NOT LOCAL? NOT A PROBLEM!! We can courier costumes across mainland UK quickly and easily - call for more info!!!